Remarkable People by Guy Kawasaki: My Travel Companion

I used to not like driving long distances. However, in the last few years, I have started enjoying drives which are about 3-4 hours. Recently, I was traveling on business to Franklin, Tennessee (which is near Nashville). Nashville is a great and fast-growing city. From Franklin, I had to head to Louisville, KY, for the Eclipse UFO conference. I had to drive a little over 160 miles. I also checked on the prices of Uber and got a deal for $170+. However, I decided to stick to the rental car I had booked with Hertz (for $130+). In terms of cost, it almost worked out to be the same. However, when you have a rental car, you also have the liberty to listen to some nice podcasts and also stop by for food along your drive. 

Podcasts are great for listening while driving because they offer up a wide array of topics and genres, so there’s something for everyone. You can listen to comedy or drama, talk shows about politics, business or science, and even sports shows.

Here’s a podcast that I think would be a great addition to your commute:

Thanks, Guy Kawasaki – His podcast Remarkable People has remarkable guests. I got to listen to two of his recent episodes during the ride. His podcast, Remarkable People, includes interactions with remarkable people including Jane Goodall, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marc Benioff, Woz, Kristi Yamaguchi, Bob Cialdini and more. For sure, every episode will give you something to help you think better. If you are planning a long-distance trip, you should consider listening to the Remarkable People podcast to hear from some of the world’s most successful people, who will provide practical advice and inspiring anecdotes to help you become remarkable at what you do.

Pamela Hawley’s How to Foster Volunteerism and Social Activism & Margaret O’Mara’s What We Can Learn from History.

Pamela Hawley:  Pamela is the Founder & CEO of Universal Giving. She offered great tips on business, leadership working across different geographies. She recommends hiring more than what you need. One thing she said that struck a chord with me is if you need five people, hire 10. It could sound counterintuitive. However, it is a great strategy when it comes to managing back-ups and letting people grow onto different positions. Of course, having cash reserves and a good plan provides you with the ability to do that.

Margaret O’Mara: Post listening to Pamela, one more great person I listened to was Margaret O’Mara, Professor of History at the University of Washington. The podcast is about Margaret O’Mara discussing how history can be used as a guide for current events. She explains that history helps us understand why we have certain behaviors and attitudes, and it helps us see where those same behaviors came from in the first place. Margaret compared the founding fathers of the United States of America to a bunch of start-up founders. It was a great comparison. It was also good to hear the perspective on Elizabeth Holmes (Founder of Theranos), a product of the Silicon Valley Culture. 

Podcasts are a great companion during travel because they provide an interesting and engaging listening/learning experience. Whether it’s commuting, working, or traveling – good podcasts can be an excellent way to de-stress and learn something new at the same time.

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