Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross

Most people do not want to be sold. They want to ensure they make an informed decision. A bad sale can cost a brand a lot. Predictable Revenue, by Aaron Ross, is a good book for you to understand the sales process today. I have read this book earlier. However, we wanted to refine our sales process at DCKAP and decided to read it again. One thing I realized when you read a book, the second time, - it is faster and also you understand better.

How Google Works – Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

How Google Works is another great book from Silicon Valley. Many Technology Business bestsellers tend to originate from Silicon Valley. ¬†Thanks, Eric and Jonathan for offering insights on Google. I think the intent of writing this book is also to help people at Google. (A great orientation guide). You both have been very generous investing … Continue reading How Google Works – Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg