Thanks for reading my blog. I founded DCKAP in 2005 and it has been exciting & challenging ever since. 8 years after birth of DCKAP, I realized it is high time to have a personal blog. I love people, business, sales & marketing.

DCKAP was bootstrapped with 2 desks, 2 computers & 2 smart new hires. I did not borrow money nor use my personal savings/payroll to start. I invested what I got doing side jobs/ part-time work during my Master’s @ Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

All I needed was an office space (a space we leased out fell vacant and was able to use this) & USD 2500(which was not difficult taking into account the extra $ I earned doing part-time work/side jobs) to purchase computers, desk, general office cleaning/wiring. We have grown ever since and you can find more here.

I did my Continuing Studies @ Stanford University, Masters’in Computer Engineering @ Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Bachelors in Engineering @ Government. College of Technology, Coimbatore and schooling @ Don Bosco, Egmore (Chennai).

I will share some of my learning’s/ thoughts/stuff that interest me in this blog and would welcome your comments.

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