When will Chennai Airport be World Class?

We care for a world class Chennai and appreciate the work being carried out to make the airport better.  However do not see significant improvements between the last post(over a year ago) and this one.

Garbage Cans do not have trash bags: Please get trash bags for all the garbage cans across the International and Domestic airport (especially the restrooms). Ensure it is changed at-least three times a day.

Trash Cans-Chennai Airport Trash cans-Chennai Airport

Clean Chennai Airport Campaign: While we work on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan it is important to clean my airport.  There is dirt all around. Here are some pictures on the Baggage Claim area. Can we look into this and fix? The roads surrounding the airport and also within the airport need to be cleaned.

Baggage Claim Chennai Airport Roads Chennai Airport

Roads-Chennai Airport Roads-Chennai Airport

Trolleys: The trolleys are broken and some (or most) of them do not work. This could be the easiest thing to fix (with the advertisements which come with it, there will be a lot of parties interested). Have a transparent e-auction to manage the trolleys.

Trolley Chennai Airport Trolley 1 Chennai Airport

Drinking Water: ‘ Cleanliness is next to godliness’ These images would describe the current problem. Please ensure the drinking area is clean so we are able to drink water and do not have to buy.

Drinking Water Chennai Airport Drinking Water Chennai Airport

Security: This could be the most important thing we need to work on. There is no organized way to pick up baggage’s, passenger drop off (multiple lanes to drop off passengers – what if someone gets hurt?). The process of passengers getting in the airport could also be streamlined.

Drop off Chennai Airport Drop off Chennai Airport

Flooring: Some of the flooring is broken, cracks here and there (little things matter) – The contractor who worked on it needs to fix this.

Floor Chennai Airport Floor Chennai Airport

Restrooms: Enough has been written about this. Pictures here are self explanatory. (Nothing seems to have changed)

Restrooms Chennai Airport Restrooms Chennai Airport


Website updates: Please update the list of contractors / companies assigned for the on-going maintenance / cleaning/other work in the Chennai airport’s website. (this way we know who is accountable)

There were plans for a new airport near Sriperumbudur. Is that still in the cards? What is the time-frame to have a new world class airport? When can we get the existing airport fixed (the restrooms, clean the existing airport and more). Is six months a good enough?

Please let us know at the earliest as we all care for a world class Chennai. We do not want Chennai left behind Delhi / Hyderabad. The international perception of our city matters for new business, tourism, investments and more. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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