Chennai Airport Makeover – Thank you and some Frequently Asked Questions

Pic Courtesy (The Hindu)

Mr. Deepak Shastri
The Airport Director
Chennai International Airport (MAA)

Dear Mr. Shastri,
I am a frequent traveler and visit the MAA airport on a regular basis. In my recent trips, have seen some improvements in the ground. Appreciate the effort. In reference to the news today (Rs. 2,300 CR. for airport makeover), here are some thoughts and questions.

The news report/article says it may take 2-3 years to complete Phase II. Can we have a definitive date (it can also be 4 years) and take some ownership. For some reason if you are transferred in this time-period, will the project still be on track? Under-promise and over-deliver could work better for now. We do not want this to be another Metro Rail project.

Spend for Rs. 2300 Cr.
I understand we are bringing in external consultants to evaluate the project. What is the process of selecting consultants? Can we have transparency? Is this information detailed in your website? It makes sense that every little thing on where the money is being spent cannot be published. It will add to more chaos. However, can we get a blue-print on the cost break-down. We are happy to pay more and choose a reputed contractor so the project may not be delayed. Who are the decision makers in the selection process? Can all this information be made available? Do we have reputed non-partisan names in the decision making body in addition to folks from the government. Are they willing to take ownership if something were to go wrong and provide a report that the selection process was held in a transparent manner.

Global Investors Meet in Chennai:
The Global Investors meet is scheduled to take place in the 1st week of September which is less than a week from now. I maybe reading the news article incorrectly. Per the report on The Hindu, we are spending Rs. 25 Lakh cleaning toilets , Rs. 76 Lakh for cleaning terminal and horticulture work at Rs. 10 Lakh to be spent. Did we already spend this / are we going to spend? I landed in Chennai Airport on Sunday (Aug 23) and the restrooms, though is better, no-where close to receive Global Investors. We would really like to have an understanding on the cost spent on cleaning restrooms every month and who is responsible for it? Can we publish the name of the company near the restrooms so it becomes branding for them and their reputation will also be in line. We would like to have more clarity.

App to Connect:
As you know, this has now become a buzz word and a fancy tool. I am really not sure if the app is going to make a big difference. The article says we have now decided to open a Facebook account. It would have been good had we created a Facebook account (takes less than 10 minutes) and provided the appropriate Facebook account information rather than making a decision and not implementing something this simple. It is also disappointing to see that you have provided phone numbers to call and register complaints. I just called the # listed (044-22563600) and your line was busy.  Simple twitter handle like @narendramodi would be good enough and take customer complaints on twitter as well.

Thank you for reading this letter. We appreciate your intentions. I just want to make sure we are in the right track and the world looks up on us.

I hope this helps.

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