What Do Companies Look for When Hiring Candidates?: TellMyStory Interview

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs

I recently chatted with folks at TellMyStory. In this interview, we speak about what companies look for while hiring candidates and insights that you can use while applying for a job. 

  1. What do companies look for when hiring candidates? 

    Companies look for learning animals. When you take on a particular job or a role in any company, it is very difficult for you to know everything. So, essentially what companies look for is your ability to learn. So, when you attend interviews, make sure you demonstrate the ability to learn. Companies also look for people who are curious, so make sure you ask a lot of questions when you attend an interview. 

  2. What’s a good way to approach a company for jobs?

    Employee referrals is a low hanging fruit. So, with the advent of social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, it is not that difficult to find a friend that works in a particular company you are interested in. So, tap on to your network and ask your friends to refer you to a particular job you’re looking for.

    Another thing you can do is, “hey, let’s say you are applying for a job in a particular company; go through the company website. Try to spot some errors. There could be a comma or a full stop they are missing on their website. Spot them out or there could be a technical glitch.

    So, you can send them an e-mail saying-”Hey, I went through your website, it’s great but these are things which you can improve on and by the way, I am also looking for a job and this is a particular position that I thought would be very interesting for me. Can I apply? The response rate here would be better”. 

  3. How long can a resume be? How many pages?

    I have seen a lot of resumes which are like 4-5 pages long. Some resumes are even 10 pages long. It’s very important; and I highly encourage you to keep your resume concise, not more than a page and also ensure you list your hobbies and interests.

  4. What kind of preparation should I do for an interview?

    Make sure that you research the company that you are applying to or going to an interview for. Oftentimes, I have found that the candidates just go to an interview and they don’t know a lot about the company they are applying for. So, make sure you spend a day or two; understand the company and understanding the culture and understanding the employees who work there and this will make a big difference.

  5. What should I do after the interview? 

    After you attend an interview, make sure you send a thank you letter or a thank you note or a thank you e-mail to the hiring manager or the HR. You can let them know,”Hey, thank you so much for your time and I learnt a lot during the interview process and by the way I am very interested to work with you”. So, please do convey your interest to work for a particular job.

  6. What should I do to choose the company before applying?

    Well, people have options. So, when you are looking to join a particular company, you always have options. So, when you are joining a company, make sure it’s the right fit for you and it’s the right fit for the company that’s hiring you. Look at employee culture. Culture plays a very very important role. Look at the team you are going to be working with because it’s all about learning. 

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Thanks to TellMyStory for this opportunity. At DCKAP, we use these tips while hiring candidates. We are proud of the work culture and the team we have built and are constantly working towards making it better. Recruiting and Culture keeps evolving. Good Luck with your job search (If you are looking for one). We are also hiring 🙂  

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