Anant Ambani Pre-Wedding & Vantara

Anant Ambani Pre-Wedding in Jamnagar, Gujarat. If you have followed or watched a bit of Anant Ambani, he would come across as the son of a very rich dad. Some may even perceive him as not being very smart. Growing up with wealth is not an easy thing (especially generational wealth). You would have a certain perception of very wealthy people (especially Anant Ambani). However, this was broken when I watched this video where Anant talked about his work with Vantara a hospital for Elephants (Animals). It is not easy to feed one elephant and only the Ambani’s could take care of many. I could also relate to what they were building as I had visited an exclusive hospital for Sea Turtles in South Padre Island, TX.

Reliance is a great example of Thinking Big, Dreaming Big and not just stopping there, they execute. I enjoyed listening to Anant Ambani, his kindness came through the interview, how he executed a vision, his learnings from his Dad (Mukesh Ambani), the health crises he has gone through, and more. I am sure a lot of training and practice went into the presentation of Anant Ambani and rightly so (everyone needs practice)

Indian Pre-Wedding, having watched what Anant or Ambani’s have been doing, Pre-Wedding celebrations like this do help the economy in a big way. Initiatives like Vantara (hospitals for elephants) also put India on a global scale. You have people from across the world (Who’s Who) coming to Jamnagar, which spurs the economy in a big way. I am inspired to visit Jamnagar.

In any country, not only do you need lots of Ratan TATAS or N. Chandrasekaran’s however you also need Ambani’s. You also need them to spend. This diversity helps the country and its people. The need for Diversity was re-emphasized as a learning experience by watching this video.

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