Why are Infinite Learning, Common Sense, and Ownership important?

Infinite Learning

Learning is a continuous process.We have to be a learner for life (this is obvious). There is overflowing content available today. If you need to learn Machine Learning / AI, resources are available on the Internet and it is free. If you need to learn accounting or finance, quality content is available for free on Youtube.

Learning has become democratized compared to 10 or 20 years ago and you are able to bring Harvard or Stanford home. The key is to make the most of it and learn. Another important thing is to apply your learnings and knowledge at your day to day work. It is easier said than done

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You have to be an INFINITE LEARNER. Invest time on yourself, learn, and apply what you learned to what you do.

Common Sense

They say common sense is not common. You never want to do half-baked work. Pay attention to detail. Double-check your work. Communicate. For example, if your water tank or a pipe is broken at your house and you call a plumber to fix it, there are few things you will do.

1. You check for multiple plumbers.

2. You do not pay the price he asks immediately rather you ask him questions.

3. You do not leave the house. You will be there when work is in progress.

This is common-sense. This needs to be applied at work as well. Stick to the basics and use common sense.


DO NOT pass the buck. If a work is assigned it is extremely easy to pass the buck – “hey this person needs to do this or that” etc. It is also very easy to say, “I was busy with this and could not do it.” If you are not able to take on the work, you need to set the right expectations, communicate and arrange a backup. Own your mistakes. If you are going to a meeting, you need to go prepared.

Learn what you know, apply what you learned, and own what you did! “

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