How can parents prepare for LKG Admissions?

LKG Admissions can be a daunting task on any parent. The admission process/exercise could be grueling. You always want to provide the best to your kids and unfortunately the choices of good schools in the locality you live in will be limited. Higher fees is not the only criteria to imply quality education. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your child’s LKG admissions. (P.S: My daughter was admitted to LKG in the 2013 academic year).

Information Gathering: Talk to fellow parents to have more insights on the school and admission process. Good Schools in the city do not encourage middlemen for admission exercises. Most schools update their website on a regular basis. Check the respective school websites on a periodic basis so you do not miss any dates.

Distance: Ensure you choose a school that is close to your home/ where you live. This will play a critical role in getting an admit. You may even consider shifting your residence closer to the school.

Residence Proof: Ensure you have a valid residence proof. Some schools do not accept bank statements as residence proofs. A ration card will be a valid residence proof. Land line telephone bills will also be accepted as valid residential proof. Tenant/Landlord Lease Agreements are not accepted in most schools as residential identities.

Affiliations / CBSE Approved Schools: You need to make sure that the school you plan to admit your son/daughter to has the required affiliations to the appropriate boards (CBSE/State board). There have been instances where a few schools have provided admits without the required affiliations. This complicates the process of getting your child admitted to another school for a higher grade.

Siblings: Most schools by default offer siblings an admit.

Do not miss deadlines: Most schools do not accept late applications. For their administrative ease, you need to apply within the specified dates. Schools do not entertain your application if you fail to apply within the timeline specified.

Do not rely on one school: Plan ahead and increase the probability of admission. Do not rely on a single school. Nothing is certain until you get an admit letter. I would at-least apply to a minimum of 7 schools.

Do not reject a school because you presume the admit will be difficult: I have had friends not apply to a particular school because they presumed that it will be difficult to get an admit and there could be numerous applications. Always Apply. This is the first step.

Add a Cover Letter: Most schools do not accept cover letters. However, whenever you can, make sure to include a well written cover letter (This could also be on the letter head of the company you work for). Little things make a big difference in getting noticed.

Persistence Pays: Though the school may not entertain you, make it a point to visit the school and meet the authorities concerned. Let them be aware of your presence and interest. Do it as many times as you can and also make sure you do not bother them.

Ask for help: Each one of us understand that it is not a straight-forward exercise to get an admit to LKG. Engineering and Medicine admissions are more predictable. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Past Pupils Association: Be a member of the Past Pupils Association and lot of schools provide preference to children of past pupils. Ensure you build a rapport with the school management and contribute through your past-pupils association. Do not just show up at the time of admission and ask for an admit.

Do not waste time standing in over-night lines: Most schools offer online applications. Apply online and save time. Some schools do not offer online applications and provide application forms in person spread over a 3 day window. It is not required for you to sleep over night and be the first one to receive an application form. Preserve your time and it is okay to get the application form the second day. It makes no difference to the admission process.

Backup Plan: If you fail to get an admit in all the schools you have applied, make sure you have a back-up plan. It should be easy to secure an admit in new and private schools. Your personal savings can come in handy here to cover up the fees.

Flexibility at work: Inform your immediate supervisor and let your bosses know that your son/daughter needs to be admitted in LKG the following academic year. Let them know in advance that you may need flexibility @ work place and there maybe days you would need to take off / be on permission. Provide your bosses with advance notice. They understand.

I hope the application and admission process gets simpler and more transparent. This can happen only with more quality schools which are reasonably priced. There is a dearth of good schools today. Schools make a big difference to the attitude and behavior of kids. It is great for your child to be surrounded with smart children.

All the very best in the admission process.

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