Can my daughter go to school?

To whomsoever it may concern

The schools in the State (Tamil Nadu, India) to remain closed on Tuesday October 7, 2014.  Atrocious!!! It remains un-clear if the schools will remain closed / any security concerns for children. I was greeted by this disappointing news last night, when I landed in Chennai.

Gandhiji was a Non Resident Indian who returned to India to serve the nation (Courtesy Prime Minister’s speech @ Madison Square, New York).When our Prime Minister addressed the cheering crowd @ Madison Square in New York, he urged the NRI’s to give back to India and set-up businesses in India. Fair Enough. The entire ecosystem need to be conducive for this to happen. We can’t be going backwards. We need to send a clear, stern message to the rest of the world.


Why should the schools be closed?

How would have the States reacted if private school in Illinois were closed for a day in view of Rod Blagojevich impeachment? These things are un-heard of.  It is not a walk in the park to get a child admitted to a good private school. What values are we inculcating to our children? Why should the school be closed?

Who do we take this to?

It remains unclear to me as to who this needs to be addressed to? The school remaining closed tomorrow will send a wrong message to our children and also sets a very bad precedent. Who needs to address this issue? How can we resolve this?

Education is not about holiday protests, it is about values and creativity:

Children form a great part of nation building. Going to school and learning the right things will help them to achieve that dream. Our multi-faceted former Chief Minister was a State Rank holder educated from a private school. I am certain she would not desire a holiday protest and deprive children of an opportunity to learn values and be creative.

 Can my daughter go to school tomorrow?

Update: The decision to close schools tomorrow has been revoked.

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