Engineering/MCA/Other Graduates – 5 tips to prepare a good resume

We receive a lot of resumes / profiles and often times they are referred to us by friends and family.  We make it a point to talk to every referral profile we get. Here are some tips for folks graduating / freshers.

One Page: You have just graduated and we do not need to look at 3 or 4 page resumes. Keep it simple and ensure your resume does not exceed one page.

Objective/Goals: Be clear and precise. One or two lines will do. Be passionate about your goals. If you are not a programmer, DO NOT apply for a programming job.

Highlight your awards/technical ability: If you have won prizes in school/college for extra curricular,sporting activities / others, be sure to include in your resume. Highlight your technical strength and ability. Be sure you could answer questions on your core technical strengths.

Paper Presentations: We see a lot of profiles with paper presentations/ in-plant visits. However when we ask questions on the same, most of the candidates are not able to answer. Two lines on your paper presentation is good enough. Make sure you have really worked on the paper and are able to answer the questions. If you did not work on the paper I would recommend not to include as a part of your resume.

Contact Info & Social Media: Ensure your contact info is visible and make it easy for the HR to reach you. Include your LinkedIN and Twitter handles and be active in the social media. This will help you stand out.

This by no means is an exhaustive list. You would need to validate everything you write on your resume and be well prepared.  If you have questions, do post here in the comments section and will be happy to answer them.

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