TiEcon Chennai 2013 – Believe Build and Become – A World Class Event

Thank you Tiecon Chennai 2013 for offering me a complimentary invite to attend the event. Believe Build and Become was the theme of the conference. Congratulations on organizing a truly world class event. Often times you are able to predict the outcome of an event. (The preparatory work clearly shows).

The registration process was world-class. I got an SMS from TieCon one day prior to the event with a registration number. The same registration number was re-sent in the morning prior to the start of the event. All I needed to do was to show up at the registration counter, tell my number and bang, the badge was ready. The event started dot @ 9:30. (no delays, and they stuck to the schedule). Namma Chennai.

The event opener was grandeur with an extraordinary show by Murali Krishna of Jus Drums. The entertainment/ dance performances by the team from Orissa deserves a lot of credit. It was encouraging to see a lot of students from various colleges / universities across Tamil Nadu attend the event. Great Job by the organizers on passing around passes to these students. This is truly who the conference is meant for(showers a lot of inspiration to students listening to the great speakers). It was also interesting to see University / Campus Placement officers networking with entrepreneurs. Student volunteers were all around the conference venue to offer help.


Believe Build and Become Anthem: Inspiring, Motivating. Congratulations to the team on making a world class video. We need this on the Tiecon Chennai Website.

Pressure is Privilege: Vijay Amirtaraj, It was great listening to you on your life experiences and loved when you said Pressure is Privilege. Truly Inspiring speech. Desire, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Divine Intervention were the 5Ds to success (Vijay Amirtaraj) – Privilege to have studied at the same school DB 20 years later(guesstimate)

Vijay Amritaraj

Building an Entertainment Business (Apsara and Karthik Kumar): Apsara did a great job moderating the session (she let the panel members speak and also provided a lot of data). Karthik Kumar, you were right on and honest on the flaws with the entertainment business today (piracy, distribution, DTH) and insights on the urge to change and adapt technology were very relevant with the objectives of the conference. Good Luck with Evam.


Future Perfect: Opportunities for Next Gen: I enjoyed this session and the aspirations of Ananthapadmanabh, GRT group / candidness of Vedand Jhavar (Prodapt Solutions) and the attachment of Jayashree Ravi (Palam Silks) to her dad and the support system was excellent to listen to. Sushila Ravindranath , moderation was great and wish we had more of this session.


Building a Brand: Where there is no earning there is learning and if you do not make money, quit (were a few quotes) that caught my attention.


Entry & Parking: I was there at the Leela Palace Venue @ 8:50 AM and did not have any issues. However for delegates / attendees who came in @ around 9:30 AM, they had to wait close to 30 minutes or so to get in. The venue was great, However this is something which could be looked into in the next Tie conference.

Session Placement / Speakers: The choice of speakers was great. However, switching the slots of a few sessions / speakers would have made it more interesting.

Congratulations Raju Venkataraman,Lakshmi Narayanan and the entire team @ TIE-Chennai. This was a great and world class event. You have set the bar high.

Note: The pictures may not be high quality and were taken from my phone.

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