Restore Water Body – Shenoy Nagar/ Anna Nagar

There was an excellent article in Anna Nagar Talk this morning. – ‘Restore Water Body with a picture of an open land’. This caught my attention and also to me it was an excellent article because as a neighborhood resident this affects me and  each one of us living here on a daily basis. There is a huge vacant land right next to the Shenoy Nagar park (also called as the skating park). My kids skate in this park and I also use the park to run twice a week. There used to be Government Housing quarters right next to this park. However, one fine day, (about 6 months to a year ago), this entire building was demolished and the residents were relocated to another neighborhood. The Government did an excellent job without a lot of chaos. This is an excellent location (few minutes walk to the metro) and could certainly be converted to a pond (or) a water body to store water. One could store water and also use it as a walking trail. 

Anna Nagar Talk Restore Water Body

Anna Nagar Talk Restore Water Body

When work is being done in such locations of prominence , it is a good idea to ask the residents in the neighborhood for their feedback. I tried to ask several folks near the park on what will be constructed in the open land and they have no clue. 

Based on the article published today in Anna Nagar talk, there used to be a water body in the same location. Feasibility of water body in the location should be carried out (or) The Government should detail its plans for the location. Let us assume that they have great plans and it will make a positive impact to the residents of the area and beyond. I would love for the land to be used for the public (not just for the residents of the Anna Nagar/Shenoy Nagar) , but also for people in the nearby towns. 

Here are some options based on the feasibility:

  1. Water Body (based on Anna Nagar Talk’s article)
  2. Extend the Shenoy Nagar park with a Sports Stadium so more people can stay healthy
  3. Library
  4. Government may have bigger and better plans which may benefit all of us

These are great opportunities for the Government to make an impact and Good Luck. Thank you for reading.

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