Is Nashville the next Austin?

Last month, mid December, I traveled to Nashville, TN on a business trip. I flew in from the Austin Airport and landed in Nashville, TN at around 10:30 pm CST. The weather was not too bad and I did not need a jacket.

The next morning, I was visiting a couple of customers in the area. One of them was in a town called White House, TN. When I was talking to the customer, I asked them how they felt about living in Tennessee. He spoke of nothing but great things the state had to offer. – Some of the perks were that it was not too far from Kentucky. It rarely snows and when it does, people love it! My next meeting was in a town called Franklin, TN which had a historic downtown. I enjoyed my visit there as the town had lots of photo opportunities. It was very scenic and family-friendly. 

The city of Nashville had a lot of similarities comparable to Austin, TX. There is a big music scene throughout the city in which you can find at the local bars or by visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, and Music Row. There is also no state income tax, healthcare is big, and many big tech companies like Oracle are setting up campuses within the city.

Nashville is on the rise and could very well be the place you would want to consider living if you are looking for a new city to venture out to. The cost of living is relatively low as it is 3% lower than the national average. The median price of a home is $341,700 where it is $551,200 in Austin, TX.

If you are a food lover, the city of Nashville is a great spot to dine at. Whatever mood you are in, the city can satisfy your cravings from Persian, Mexican, Ramen, Vietnamese, and of course Southern Food. You can find the full list of essential foods by going to One of the latest food crazes would be to check out Nashville Hot Chicken, but beware as it is very spicy!

So if you are looking to make a change in your life, moving to Nashville would be an option to consider. Nashville now ranks at #15 of the best places to live in America. Especially if Austin, TX was one of your top choices, Nashville would be a solid choice to consider.

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