How to get to Downtown Toronto from YYZ Airport

I recently visited Toronto for the Shopify Unite conference. The first place you land via Air is the YYZ airport. We were staying in a place called Yorkville (in the middle of Downtown). I was planning on taking the Uber to go to Downtown and also looked at the UP Express. In the baggage claim area, happened to have a chat with a fellow passenger. Uber costs about CAD $40 (dependent on the time of the day) and UP Express was a little over CAD $12. The fellow passenger I was chatting with was also heading to Downtown. I landed at around 9 pm, not much traffic and the route the fellow passenger suggested worked out perfect.

Step 1: Take the 900 Airport Express (You will have to pay in Canadian $ and the bus driver also accepts USD) – However payment needs to be made in cash.

900 Airport Express
900 Airport Express

Step 2: Get down at the Kipling Station

Kipling Station
Kipling Station

Step 3: Board the train to Downtown Toronto

Cost: $3.25

Yes. all for CAD $3.25  You will be looking at a travel time of little over an hour.  If you are not travelling with a lot of luggage and looking to save costs, this is a great way to get to Downtown Toronto from YYZ airport.

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