Haircut at your doorstep

Looking for a Haircut? Call Gopal – AnnaNagar, Chennai (+91-94440 29312)

All of us have our favorite barber shops and salons to do our haircut. A lot of small businesses have been affected during this lockdown because of the COVID19 pandemic. The salons / local barber shops are no exception.

I have always preferred to go to a local barber shop rather than an expensive salon. They have served me well and offer a lot of quality. Haircut during the pandemic is a challenge. You can call the barber home and it will also help him. If you live in the Anna Nagar area in Chennai, you may be familiar with Gopal who has been cutting hair for over 25 years. He and his team are great at their trade. You can call Gopal home for a haircut. His phone number is +91-94440 29312.

Talking to Gopal, it is clear that his business has been affected by the pandemic. Even otherwise home service for a haircut will be needed for a lot of people (elderly who are not able to travel, patients, and more). Just like how you would order food using Zomato or Swiggy, you can call the barber home. If you happen to live in the Anna Nagar area or its surroundings, do not want to go to a barber shop and need to cut your hair, you can call Gopal. He is just a phone call away. All the best Gopal. Get your haircut. Call Gopal (91-94440 29312).

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