Air Suvidha Self Declaration – How can we improve the User Experience

Air Suvidha is a portal where you fill in a Self Declaration form before boarding a plane to India from anywhere in the world. I have used this portal a few times. Here are a few recommendations and few quick fixes which will make the user experience better.

The first time I used it, I tried it on my mobile phone. I realized it is not going to be easy (as you will have to upload your passport, and vaccination details within certain file sizes). I gave up and ended up using it on a desktop (which is probably the best thing to do) considering what we have currently.

Fix 1: -TimeOut

The portal worked fairly decent for the most part. However when I submitted (after working through all the questions) – it would keep processing, and I wasn’t sure if my form was submitted correctly. This is something that needs to be fixed – If the session is timed out – please provide an error message asking to refill the information.

Fix 2: – User Experience

This may not necessarily be a fix. However, it can help with a better user experience. Let us say a family of 4 are traveling together. For each passenger, it asks us to fill in the address. As you know, it will be much easier to select an option -Same as Primary Passenger. In Indian households, most of the family members (Husband, Wife, and kids), if they are traveling together, live in the same house. This just makes the experience a whole lot better. What if a family of six is traveling? They need to enter 6 times. Less is better, and keep it simple. 

Fix 3: Performance

Loading time – After you submit the form, it takes a long time to submit. It should be less than a couple of seconds. 

The portal works for the most part. To keep it simple, can we do away with the portal? Can the airport personal at the counters check the vaccination certificates? How can we keep things simple? If we do need to stick to the portal, being the technology capital of the world, we can provide a better user experience.

Thank you for reading. 

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