IBCN – International Business Conference of Nagarathars – Two Phenomenal Days @ Singapore

Work your network and make your network work. The agenda of the conference was to instill the lost entrepreneurship legacy and facilitate networking opportunities among fellow nagarathars. Venue: Singapore. This was a fascinating conference and as one of the delegates put it ” The conference of 2 days was resonant to doing an MBA for 2 years”. Three hundred plus business folks across the globe attended the event and it was inspiring to chat with the attendees.


There were great learning’s these 2 days (November 23 and November 24, 2013) and the Who’s Who that matter attended the event. ‘Tamil Murasu‘ a leading Singapore daily covered the conference in its first page. S.R Nathan, former president of Singapore and K. Shanmugam Foreign Affairs and Law Minister of Singapore were the special invitees to the event. It was humbling to see President S.R Nathan find time for the conference. The delegates were eager to meet and take a picture with him. I was enthused to see the body language of Minister K. Shanmugam. The style with which he presented himself the 30 minutes he spent @ the conference left a lasting impression. read more

When should you outsource software development to India and when not to outsource?

This is a question I keep getting asked when I meet entrepreneurs, business leaders, CTO’s, or even CEO’s. There is no simple answer. Often times, you cannot do without an extended Information Technology team in India. Working with an offshore team could also become a pain-point. I have seen companies fire the outsourced vendor and assemble a team to work in-house. Ask yourselves a few simple questions on how to proceed.

Can I assemble the team I need in-house? If the answer to this question is yes, go ahead and get the team to work at your location. Can anything get better than working with a programmer across the desk? This will certainly assist in getting the work done quicker and with effective communication. read more

TiEcon Chennai 2013 – Believe Build and Become – A World Class Event

Thank you Tiecon Chennai 2013 for offering me a complimentary invite to attend the event. Believe Build and Become was the theme of the conference. Congratulations on organizing a truly world class event. Often times you are able to predict the outcome of an event. (The preparatory work clearly shows).

The registration process was world-class. I got an SMS from TieCon one day prior to the event with a registration number. The same registration number was re-sent in the morning prior to the start of the event. All I needed to do was to show up at the registration counter, tell my number and bang, the badge was ready. The event started dot @ 9:30. (no delays, and they stuck to the schedule). Namma Chennai. read more

How can parents prepare for LKG Admissions?

LKG Admissions can be a daunting task on any parent. The admission process/exercise could be grueling. You always want to provide the best to your kids and unfortunately the choices of good schools in the locality you live in will be limited. Higher fees is not the only criteria to imply quality education. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your child’s LKG admissions. (P.S: My daughter was admitted to LKG in the 2013 academic year).

Information Gathering: Talk to fellow parents to have more insights on the school and admission process. Good Schools in the city do not encourage middlemen for admission exercises. Most schools update their website on a regular basis. Check the respective school websites on a periodic basis so you do not miss any dates. read more