5 Things to do after resigning a job

Resigning a job sometimes could be an easy decision / most of the times it could be hard if you have worked in a company long enough. References play a vital role in professional careers and here are a few tips on the things to do after resigning.


Work your best: Often times, we have seen folks rush to get out of the company and start a new career. The last impression is the lasting impression. Work well, Stay extended hours (as needed), do an even more efficient job after resigning. Make your presence felt in the company and this will create more reasons for you to be missed. read more

What can we learn from Arvind Kejriwal’s impressive performance in the Delhi Elections?

Arvind Kejriwal‘s impressive performance in the Delhi Assembly elections is an inspiring story to a lot of us. The Delhi election results is a beginning to a new India (on the win translating to performance). It gives hope and will force others to deliver or be left behind.

arvind kejriwal

Everything starts with nothing: This could be a great lesson for entrepreneurs. We never knew Arvind Kejriwal’s name 3 years ago. It started popping up and he capitalized every opportunity that came his way. It would be considered day dreaming to elect 28 new constituents who have zero experience running a government to win an election. We have seen people’s movement win in cinema. He started from nothing, took baby steps and the results are here. read more