The Virgin Way , Richard Branson

Thanks to Aliso Viejo, CA Library, got to read The Virgin Way, by  Richard Branson. When you run a business or manage a team , reading books like The Virgin Way is inspiring and also teaches you business lessons.

The Virgin Way - Richard Branson

Taking notes & listening:  Even if you are a CEO, listen more and take notes during any meeting – this is a great lesson learnt reading this book. Often times during meetings we tend to interrupt (thinking we look smarter) – however it makes the person on the other end of the meeting look bad. I have interrupted teammates  multiple times.  Instead take notes and when the other person completes his conversation, address the questions or maybe they would have answered your questions already. Go to the employees work place and discuss, you will learn more (rather than having them come to your place). I remember reading this in another book. Listening & Taking notes makes you look smart and is also very effective. read more