Cashless Experience with State Bank of India – Debit Card Activation (PIN GENERATION)

State Bank of India is the most trusted bank in India. I have seen staff who are passionate about the bank and also customers preference to bank with The State Bank of India. My recent experience getting a debit card activated has raised a lot of questions.

It Started with Activating My Debit Card

Recently, I opened a bank account with the State Bank of India, Anna Nagar branch. The debit card was scheduled to come in the mail. When the debit card arrived, SBI provided a few options to activate.

  • Option 1:¬†Text to a certain #.
  • Option 2:¬†Activate through the Internet Option and a few others.

It is important for the correct phone number to be mapped to the credit card for the bank to activate the debit card. I was not able to activate my card. I went to the bank and was said the correct phone number was not mapped to the debit card. Some random number was mapped to the account/card. We had to provide a letter to change the phone number. This process took about a week. read more