Independence Day Message to Mr. Modi

Dear Prime Minister,

Happy Independence Day!  Congratulations as you present the first Independence Day speech as the Prime Minister of India. Your election campaigning style, hard work, rising from a tea seller to the Prime Minister is an inspiration to the new India.  Ideas are plenty, execution is reality. I understand the intricacies of governance. However, there are 5 things we could change quickly.

IRCTC Website: I understand our personable and ever smiling Railway Minister is working hard to make the rail & technology systems efficient. We talk about bullet trains from Mumbai – Ahmedabad.   We expect apple quality from the IRCTC website. I planned a trip from Chennai to Coimbatore and the tickets are always sold out (a great problem to have). I used the online system to check the ticket prices and it was a conundrum to tackle. TATKAL booking never works and the site is jammed. The user interface is poor. With the country that hosts Infosys and Wipro Engineers, this should not be a difficult problem to solve and we just need to have the right minds in place. read more