Restrooms @ Anna International, Chennai Airport(MAA)

Restrooms leave the first and last impression on any foreigner who visits us. Often times, after a long flight, restrooms happen to be the first spot one would visit prior to immigration and parenthetically the last stop prior to boarding a flight to leave the country. I was flabbergasted to see the recent state of restrooms in the Chennai International Airport.

Here are some pictures taken @ Anna International Airport, Chennai

Here are some pictures taken @ London Heathrow

Clearly, you see the difference. The passenger pick up and drop off expansions @ the Chennai airport is great. However, the restrooms need immediate attention. Here are a few suggestions. read more

Ried Hoffman, Did you check the new LINKEDIN Contacts UI?

LinkedIN has rolled out a new contacts user interface to filter and sort contacts. How good is it? I am on a business trip to Los Angeles and here for the whole week. I wanted to meet with some of our business contacts in the LA region. The first tool I searched on for my contacts in the Los Angeles region was LinkedIN. It was very disappointing to see that you now cannot filter your contacts by Location. I am not able to list my contacts in the Los Angeles region. Did they do this on purpose / is it a bug ? I am sure they will get this fixed in the next few days/weeks/months. What is more concerning is, with so much product management and development talent, how could something as simple as this get missed? read more

5 things to avoid in a workplace – to increase your productivity and net worth

OK Work is Not OK:   Doing OK work is NOT OK.  You should always be striving to be the best, not someone to be striving for average results.  The expectations when you come to work is for  you to make a difference in what you are doing.  Nothing but exemplary work will be expected from you. Things like paying attention to details, making sure all information is communicated to the right people and that action is carried out until the end.  This is what separates the superstars of the company from the average Joes. read more