Restrooms @ Anna International, Chennai Airport(MAA)

Restrooms leave the first and last impression on any foreigner who visits us. Often times, after a long flight, restrooms happen to be the first spot one would visit prior to immigration and parenthetically the last stop prior to boarding a flight to leave the country. I was flabbergasted to see the recent state of restrooms in the Chennai International Airport.

Here are some pictures taken @ Anna International Airport, Chennai

Here are some pictures taken @ London Heathrow

Clearly, you see the difference. The passenger pick up and drop off expansions @ the Chennai airport is great. However, the restrooms need immediate attention. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Outsource the restroom cleaning and make the team accountable (This may already be the case)/ however make the team working on it accountable and raise the bar. We are tired of ordinary / below par work and need to raise to international standards. There are a lot of companies hungry for work. Hire them and make the process transparent. (The restrooms at Escape, Sathyam Cinemas in Express Avenue are well maintained)
2. Wiring in the restrooms (FIX THEM): A CEO of a foreign company is visiting us and potentially evaluating an investment opportunity in Chennai. What would he think about wires being transparent on an urinal? What does it talk about our quality? (look at the pictures), This could be a trivial thing. However it matters. Please FIX THEM.
3. Naming Conventions: We have EWC, WC, IC written on the restroom doors. I am not sure what this means and have not seen such naming conventions in other airports. A couple of these look the same. This makes it confusing for the passengers. Either way, you open any of these the quality is substandard.
4. Non Wet Restrooms -Napkins/Toilet Rolls: It is best if the restrooms are not wet / at-least we have a set of rest-rooms that are not wet. Folks abroad are not used to restrooms being wet and it makes it very inconvenient for them to use them. Make sure there are enough usable toilet rolls and napkins in these restrooms.
5. Execution: I am confident that the intent of our authorities is very good and each one of us aspire to make a difference. However, let us focus on execution. This is what matters.

Ried Hoffman, Did you check the new LINKEDIN Contacts UI?

LinkedIN has rolled out a new contacts user interface to filter and sort contacts. How good is it? I am on a business trip to Los Angeles and here for the whole week. I wanted to meet with some of our business contacts in the LA region. The first tool I searched on for my contacts in the Los Angeles region was LinkedIN. It was very disappointing to see that you now cannot filter your contacts by Location. I am not able to list my contacts in the Los Angeles region. Did they do this on purpose / is it a bug ? I am sure they will get this fixed in the next few days/weeks/months. What is more concerning is, with so much product management and development talent, how could something as simple as this get missed?

Another bug my friend pointed out, you are not able to go to the desired alphabet on your contacts and choose a name. If you need the list of contacts which start with the letter ‘s’, you are not able to do so with the new user interface. Maybe LINKEDIN could answer these concerns or are we missing something?

5 things to avoid in a workplace – to increase your productivity and net worth

OK Work is Not OK:   Doing OK work is NOT OK.  You should always be striving to be the best, not someone to be striving for average results.  The expectations when you come to work is for  you to make a difference in what you are doing.  Nothing but exemplary work will be expected from you. Things like paying attention to details, making sure all information is communicated to the right people and that action is carried out until the end.  This is what separates the superstars of the company from the average Joes.

Not Meeting Deadlines:  If you are travelling on business  or working from home,  you do not want to take it easy at any cost. It is still expected from you to make sure you meet all committed deadlines and do the appropriate communication. If there are important emails that you need to respond to, you should do it either before or after the meeting. If you are not able to meet the deliverables, validate with reasons and communicate/  Being on top of things will certainly get you on the right track towards success.

Providing Excuses:  If you did not complete a particular task, let your supervisor know well in advance.  Accept it. Do not provide your current work as an excuse for not completing  a task which was assigned to you. This is a very common thing I have noticed in today’s workforce.  “I was busy working on this and did not have time to work on that”.  To be great, you must learn how to work through the work loads, even if they are piling high.  Working on this does not mean you should NOT worry about that. Set the right expectations and let everyone know what they can expect and when ?

Being Late To Meetings:Respect other people’s time.  You must make sure to log into your scheduled meetings at least 5 minutes in advance and make sure to check your phone lines and speakers before connecting with the appropriate parties.  If signs of problems may occur, you must escalate to your networking and technical team of the issues to make sure the connections for the meetings will be working by the time the meeting starts.  You may not get noticed if you arrive on time, but you will certainly get noticed for being late.

Things That Make Others Inefficient: Give credit to your boss and your co-workers. Do not do anything which you think is NOT acceptable in a work place or make another colleague unproductive.  Make sure all work is carried out towards completion. If another colleague is swamped with work, whatever you have to tell them that is not work related can certainly wait.  Either wait for a more suitable time or just focus on your own work.  Small talk is fine, however give credit to the other persons workload and schedule.