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When you have ideas worth spreading, never stay behind the curtain. A good talk is what it takes to inspire people and get them motivated. It electrifies the room, spreading like electricity snapping and crackling through you and an audience’s body. A good talk can transform an audience’s worldview, sparking curiosity and delivering insight.

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About Karthik Chidambaram

Karthik Chidambaram founded DCKAP in 2005. He did his Master’s at Illinois Institute of Technology, and Bachelor’s in Engineering @ Government. College of Technology, Coimbatore, and schooling @ Don Bosco, Egmore. Karthik loves traveling, reading, writing blogs, learning new things & building connections.

He has a personal blog where he pens his experiences, travel notes, book reviews, and insights. Click here to view Karthik’s blogs.

With an open, engaging personality, Karthik is able to make people instantly feel at ease. Coupled with his ability in public speaking and entrepreneurial experience, you have the perfect person to engage your panel.

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Key Speaking Topics

  • Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Competitiveness
  • Creating Better Customer & Employee Experiences
  • Learning Market Approaches & Changing Learning Culture
  • Impact of Entrepreneurship
  • Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity & Inclusion