We Deserve Better Governance in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a peace loving rich southern state of India. The last year has been disastrous for this wonderful state. The new government was elected on 19th May 2016 and sworn in on 23rd May 2016. The Chief Minister of the State J. Jayalalitha fell ill on 22nd Sep, 2016 and she passed away on 5th Dec 2016. Since then, Tamil Nadu has been in a state of political turmoil and its citizens are suffering due to a complete lack of governance.

India is an aspiring country and a growing economy. Tamil Nadu is the second largest economy in India. According to the India Today magazine’s state rankings in 2016, Tamil Nadu is the overall most improved state. The cream decides to leave to the US and other countries. However in the last decade or so, speaking to a lot of college grads and young aspiring workforce, I have found that a good portion of them prefer to stay in India. read more