Engineering/MCA/Other Graduates – 5 tips to prepare a good resume

We receive a lot of resumes / profiles and often times they are referred to us by friends and family.  We make it a point to talk to every referral profile we get. Here are some tips for folks graduating / freshers.

One Page: You have just graduated and we do not need to look at 3 or 4 page resumes. Keep it simple and ensure your resume does not exceed one page.

Objective/Goals: Be clear and precise. One or two lines will do. Be passionate about your goals. If you are not a programmer, DO NOT apply for a programming job. read more

My online shopping experience.

I wanted to purchase a VIZIO E420-B1 42 Inch TV and had the following constraints.

  1. Needed the shipment to arrive in 3-4 business days.
  2. Did not want the hassle of going to a store and picking it up.

Vizio e420-b1

The first place I tried was  The shipping was 7-10 days or longer. The billing and shipping address had to be the same for me to purchase directly from VIZIO and in my case it wasn’t.

I looked out for retailers who offered the same TV at a similar price and faster shipping. The first place I tried was and the TV was not listed as in stock. I searched online and found the TV available in at the same price and free shipping. I placed the order on Friday June 19 and the TV was scheduled to arrive on Thursday June 25. read more