Engineering/MCA/Other Graduates – 5 tips to prepare a good resume

We receive a lot of resumes / profiles and often times they are referred to us by friends and family.  We make it a point to talk to every referral profile we get. Here are some tips for folks graduating / freshers.

One Page: You have just graduated and we do not need to look at 3 or 4 page resumes. Keep it simple and ensure your resume does not exceed one page.

Objective/Goals: Be clear and precise. One or two lines will do. Be passionate about your goals. If you are not a programmer, DO NOT apply for a programming job.


Highlight your awards/technical ability: If you have won prizes in school/college for extra curricular,sporting activities / others, be sure to include in your resume. Highlight your technical strength and ability. Be sure you could answer questions on your core technical strengths.

Paper Presentations: We see a lot of profiles with paper presentations/ in-plant visits. However when we ask questions on the same, most of the candidates are not able to answer. Two lines on your paper presentation is good enough. Make sure you have really worked on the paper and are able to answer the questions. If you did not work on the paper I would recommend not to include as a part of your resume.

Contact Info & Social Media: Ensure your contact info is visible and make it easy for the HR to reach you. Include your LinkedIN and Twitter handles and be active in the social media. This will help you stand out.

This by no means is an exhaustive list. You would need to validate everything you write on your resume and be well prepared.  If you have questions, do post here in the comments section and will be happy to answer them.

My online shopping experience.

I wanted to purchase a VIZIO E420-B1 42 Inch TV and had the following constraints.

  1. Needed the shipment to arrive in 3-4 business days.
  2. Did not want the hassle of going to a store and picking it up.

Vizio e420-b1

The first place I tried was  The shipping was 7-10 days or longer. The billing and shipping address had to be the same for me to purchase directly from VIZIO and in my case it wasn’t.

I looked out for retailers who offered the same TV at a similar price and faster shipping. The first place I tried was and the TV was not listed as in stock. I searched online and found the TV available in at the same price and free shipping. I placed the order on Friday June 19 and the TV was scheduled to arrive on Thursday June 25.


I received an email from Walmart on Tuesday 6/23 that my shipment will be delayed as the item was in back order.  I was in London during this time and called up Walmart the same day (roaming charges) and talked to the customer representative. She looked at my order details and mentioned that the item was scheduled to be shipped on Wednesday (6/24) and will arrive on Thursday (6/25).

The status of the order did not change on my scheduled arrival date (6/25). I called up Walmart at around 8:15 AM EST to check the shipment status of the item. The customer service personal promised that the item will be shipped in 2 hours and I will receive it on Friday 6/24. It was 11:30 AM EST, the status of the order was not updated and I called Walmart again. This time a new customer service personal promised that the TV will be shipped by the end of the day and will arrive on Friday (6/26). I was confident that the TV will not be shipped and was not going to receive it. The customer service personnel did not feel so.

I had to call again in the afternoon around 3:00 PM EST to check if the TV was indeed shipped. This time my call was escalated and the manager told me that the TV will not be shipped as the item was under back-order. According to the manager, all the three customer service personnel of Wal-Mart I spoke to, did not look at the right screens and if they had delved in deeper, they would have found the real status of the order. I became furious and she gave me a $55 gift voucher.

Clearly, bigger companies have bigger problems and most often they miss out on a lot of small & big things. This is a great opportunity for smaller retailers.

Walmart, You can do better than this.